The company has been established with the participation of the Jintai Institute of Culture and Economics, Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and one of Beijing-based pharmaceutical technology companies

The heads of the two organizations took part in the online talks. During the meeting, the parties discussed promising areas of mutually beneficial cooperation, namely: the implementation of the latest energy storage technologies, the use of battery power plants (electric energy storage units) to stabilize and cover peak demand in Belarus

In his words, China is a priority in terms of export and investments. Belarus' export to China rose in 2020 despite the pandemic. The export of Belarusian foods demonstrated the highest growth. “We have several tasks to accomplish in 2021. First, we have to dismantle trade barriers and simplify trade procedures

The ambassador thanked Liu Jingzhen for the assistance in the form of 100,000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine to Belarus and emphasized the exemplary cooperation between Belarus and China in the fight against COVID-19.

The parties discussed the development of the Belarus-China cooperation in various areas, including between the Belarus President Administration and the International Department of the CPC Central Committee, education and R&D organizations of the two countries.

The trade between Belarus and China amounted to $4.6 billion, up by $0.8 million over 2019. Belarus' export increased by 9.4% ($776.9 million), import shrank by 1.7% ($3.84 billion). Belarus posted a trade deficit, however the gap narrowed by 4.1%

In 2020 the industrial output of the park's resident companies increased by 4.4 times to Br138.8 million. Their proceeds from sales rose by 3.2 times to Br188.9 million, with merchandise export up by 2.3 times to $75.8 million and fixed-capital investments up by 15% to Br104.1 million.

The revenues from selling products, works, services outside Belarus amounted to Br63.6 million (an increase of 8 times), which accounted for 33.7% of the total revenues

Cui Qiming stressed: “At present China-Belarus comprehensive strategic partnership, which is based on open and honest cooperation, constantly grows deeper while friendship of the two nations grows stronger, including as part of the joint fight against the epidemic."

Anton Dudarenok stressed that the potential of Belarus-China partnership enables the countries to maintain mutually beneficial contacts within the framework of the Belt and Road initiative and to continue aligning their development strategies.

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus