New Belarusian ambassador to China reveals his objectives

12 February 2020

MINSK - Belarusian Ambassador to China Nikolai Snopkov outlined the priorities in his new position as he talked to the media. Among the main ones, according to him, is the increase in exports and the reduction of unnecessary intermediaries in imports, BelTA has learned.

The areas where Belarus has the potential to increase exports to China were reviewed once again during today's meeting with the head of state. “We are an export-oriented country. China is an inexhaustible growing market. In the medium term, its capacity is assessed at $10 trillion,” Nikolai Snopkov said. “My task is to see on the ground what we can supply to the Chinese market and, most importantly, how we can do it in view of the existing trade, customs barriers and insufficient production of the goods demanded in the Chinese market. We need to analyze all this again in a practice-oriented, applied way, and report to the president, and then prepare appropriate instructions to specific government officials,” he noted.

The new head of the diplomatic mission also sees the need for a more rational approach to supplies from China. “Reasonable imports are important, especially with regard to intermediate goods, as they are much cheaper compared to similar intermediate goods of the same quality supplied from the Russian Federation and the European Union. For example, according to the Economy Ministry, such savings can amount to about $400 million per year," he explained. “This gives an increase in value added and GDP. We need to work smartly in respect of components supplied to our enterprises, especially since intermediate imports have been growing.

The growth is also fueled by an increase in the number of joint companies set up by China and Belarus. “Joint business is the right area of work,” Nikolai Snopkov said. It is important, however, to steer clear of mediators where it is possible. “There are certain sectors where deliveries cannot be provided directly from producers, as many corporate practices do not envisage direct supplies. However, when mediators are too many, it is not okay,” he said.

Nikolai Snopkov explained that during his diplomatic mission he would continue performing the country's representative functions in the administration of the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone.



Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus