Plans to send first trainload of Belarusian meat to China in November

30 September 2019

MINSK – The first container train carrying Belarusian meat products may be sent to China in November 2019, BelTA learned from Andrei Sladkevich, Director General of the company Belintertrans – Transportation and Logistics Center, on 30 September.

According to the source, six container trains each carrying 41 containers with milk powder and milk whey have already been sent to China. A total of ten trains have been sent to China since the project began in 2018. “We are now working with Meat & Dairy Company to send the first trainload of meat to China in November,” Andrei Sladkevich said.

The executive remarked the plans are quite ambitious since meat perishes easily. “In addition to organizing last-mile deliveries in China we have to take care of the first mile in Belarus. We will have to collect meat from individual companies and accumulate it in our container terminal Kolyadichi,” the director general said.

In his words, it is quite difficult to say who specifically is going to ship meat products. Meat & Dairy Company is taking care of that. “At least we've made up our minds on the rolling stock: since meat is a perishable commodity, we are going to use refrigerated containers,” Andrei Sladkevich noted.

In turn, Head of the Freight and Foreign Trade Operations at Belarusian Railways Aleksandr Nevmerzhitsky pointed out that since last year Belarusian Railways has been rather successfully shipping Belarusian products to China without having to accumulate an entire trainload of them. “The technology allows hitching individual cars or several cars to organized container trains on their way back from Western Europe,” the official said. Belarusian products can be delivered to China within a week in that manner.



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