Presentations of China-Belarus industrial park in progress in European cities

13 September 2019

MINSK – Business opportunities in the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone were presented before representatives of the German private sector in Bonn on 12 September. Representatives of the Embassy of Belarus in Germany, the National Agency of Investment and Privatization of Belarus, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bonn took part in the event, the press service of the industrial park administration told BelTA.

Representatives of the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone outlined advantages of doing business in the park. Attention was drawn to free access to the Eurasian market, the availability of transport and engineering infrastructure, taxation preferences, which allow enhancing the competitive ability of the end product by paying less taxes and lower salaries by 2-5 times. The fact that energy rates have been reduced by 3-3.7 times was mentioned as well.

Representatives of the German private sector showed interest in the nascent cluster of automobile components in the industrial park. Projects to make supercapacitors, diesel engines, gearboxes, automobile glass, composite automobile components, land navigation devices, lidars, and other products are already being implemented in the park. Manufacturers of conventional vehicles and machines as well as producers of new electric vehicles and driverless transportation solutions need such products.

Similar presentations have been held in Hamburg, Hanover, Frankfurt am Main, Rome, London, Geneva, Zurich, Barcelona, Luxembourg, and Krynica-Zdroj this year.

The awareness of Europeans about capabilities of the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone has increased as a result. The number of European residents in the park is on the rise as well. In July 2019 four out of 11 new residents came from Switzerland, Israel, Estonia, and Lithuania. The total number of European companies has reached 11. They have come from seven countries.

Presentations of opportunities available in the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone will be held in Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Zurich, Vienna, Brussels, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Prague, Brno, and other European cities by the end of the year.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus