China Merchants Group set to start second stage of warehouse construction in Great Stone Industrial Park

27 March 2019

MINSK – China Merchants Group is ready to start the second stage of construction of warehouse real estate in the territory of the China-Belarus Industrial Park Great Stone, PrimePress has learnt from Yevgeni Krytynski, Director of Commerce at China Merchants CHN-BLR Commerce and Logistics Company.

So far the company has built and made operational three logistics warehouses, with a total storage are of more than 50,000 sq metres. Besides, the company provides 20,000 sq metres of open-air facilities for storing goods. Logistics warehouses can simultaneously handle more than 200 trucks.

Two warehouses have already been fully booked by Eurotorg and OMA.

The third warehouse (15,000 sq metres) is used as a customs terminal.

China Merchants Group is ready to start building new warehouses and is looking for potential customers to determine their needs and expectations.

Currently, they have started building a railway line to connect the Great Stone Park with the nearest railway station (Shemetovo), which is at a distance of 6 km.


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