BCSE teams up with China’s SZSE to promote exchange trade

17 July 2019

MINSK - The Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange (BCSE) and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) of China have signed a memorandum of cooperation aimed at promoting exchange trade cooperation, the BCSE said in a press-release.

The memorandum provides for the creation of the Belarusian-Chinese initiative to service the capital market: sharing exchange trade information, implementing joint research projects and other activities aimed at the development and support of organized securities markets in each country.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange is one of the two main stock exchanges in mainland China, the other being the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Both exchanges were opened by the Chinese government in 1990 as a way of modernising and expanding China's economy by opening the country to foreign investors.

The SZSE consists of the three boards: the Main Board, the SME (small and medium enterprise) Board and the ChiNext market. Over 2,000 companies traded on Shenzhen, with over 8,700 securities listed.

The Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange (BCSE) acts as the country’s national forex centre in accordance with a joint resolution of the government and the National Bank of Belarus (NBB) adopted Mar 4, 2016. The BCSE regulates transactions with non-deliverable off-market financial instruments conducted by forex companies, banks, non-banking financial institutions.

The BCSE is a trading floor serving the main segments of the organized financial market of Belarus (currency exchange, stock, derivatives and money markets).


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus