The Belarusian head of state took part in the first forum as one of the heads of 29 nations and international organizations. Ways to step up economic interaction between the countries belonging to the Silk Road Economic Belt were discussed, in particular, the formation of a transport, energy, and trade corridor between countries of Asia and Europe

This year, the Chinese Embassy in Belarus will continue to implement Xi Jinping's diplomatic ideas, maintain the momentum in the Chinese-Belarusian relations, develop pragmatic cooperation in all areas, strengthen the traditional friendship between the two peoples so that the Chinese-Belarusian relations bring more benefits to the two peoples

Thanks to the new status not only commercial companies residing in the park will be able to enjoy preferences. Administration bodies will be able to do so, too. It will be possible to submit customs declarations up to two months after commodities are imported into the special economic zone. It will allow reducing the time required to use the goods as part of business processes

OOO Wiseasy International Bel (China) is the new resident. It has been founded by Wiseasy Company, a leading vendor of business analysis hardware in China. Wiseasy products are exported to over 60 countries across the globe

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus