A network of stores of Belarusian products under the Belarus Commodity Center brand has been developed by China's Guangdong Xinjinlai Trade from Guangdong Province. This store has become the second in the network

The memorandum envisages the supply of a new type of potash fertilizers. This is halurgic granular white Muriate of Potash with the addition of Zinc and Sulphur. According to the document, this innovative product will be supplied to the Chinese market during a five-year period from 2019 to 2023 with the right to sign annual contracts based on the current market situation

The protocol of intent to establish friendly relations was signed during a meeting between a Chinese delegation and the Grodno Regionadministration in Grodno on 6 August

Belarusian Railways continues working hard to export more Belarusian products to China. Instead of transportation or a simple logistics service a ready-made transportation solution is available for delivering products to any part of Europe or China

The investments into the project are estimated at a total of $733 million, including CNY4.290 billion from the Export-Import Bank of China. Apart from that, the project will receive a commercial loan of $50 million (circulating assets) and $35 millio

This year Veles-Meat company and Mogilev Meat Packing Plant have sent first shipments of beef cuts to China. The export of dairy products has been on the rise

Possible cooperation avenues and details of the presentation of Minsk at the expo were discussed at the meeting of Minsk Mayor Andrei Shorets with a delegation from Shanghai Pudong New Area on 26 July

For example, the parties are planning to set up a Belarusian-Chinese youth business incubator soon

Zhongqiao Silk corporation from China's province of Shaanxi specializes on wholesale supplies of imported products to central regions of China.  The company is interested in purchasing timber and agricultural products via the commodity exchange and i

Belarusian products are of excellent quality and are very important for the Chinese market. The expo, which is scheduled to take place in Shanghai on 5-10 November 2018, should become kind of a new platform for more actively promoting Belarusian products to China and creating new vectors of Belarusian-Chinese cooperation

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus