UTLC launches new container train for shuttle cargo services between China, Europe

03 August 2017

MOSCOW – The United Transport and Logistics Company (UTLC) has launched a new container train route to address the growth of cargo traffic between China and Europe.

The first container train of 41 forty-foot containers was dispatched on July 31 from Poland’s Lodz via Bruzgi border checkpoint in Belarus. It will take an estimated 14 days for the train to get to its destination in China.

The container train’s operator in Europe is Belintertrans-Germany.

UTLC was established in 2014 by national railways of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Russia contributed a 50% stake in container shipping company TransContainer and a 100% interest in RZD Logistics to UTLC, while Belarus and Kazakhstan have made no investment so far. As a result, Russian Railways owns 99.84% in UTLC.



Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus