Plans to invite 100 companies to China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone within three years

08 April 2016

As many as 100 companies will be invited to become part of the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone, BelTA learned from Minsk Oblast Governor Semyon Shapiro.

“We intend to invite 100 economic operators to the China-Belarus industrial park within three years. More than ten business entities are now deciding whether they want to become part of the park. If 100 enterprises are established over there, it will be a genuine industrial park,” stressed the Minsk Oblast Governor.

Semyon Shapiro was part of the Belarusian delegation that visited China recently. A meeting of the shareholders of the companies accredited in the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone took place in Beijing. Deputy Head of the Belarus President Administration Nikolai Snopkov and Economy Minister Vladimir Zinovsky took part in the meeting. According to Semyon Shapiro, as a result of the meeting the Chinese partners agreed to help attract investors to the industrial park. It is an important task concerning the park's development, stressed the Minsk Oblast Governor.

In China the Belarusian delegation also visited Zhejiang Province, which is twinned with Minsk Oblast. Negotiations with the owners and top executives of the Chinese automobile manufacturing company Geely took place. The Belarusian car assembly venture SZAO BelGee would like to get up to 10,000 assembly kits and at a cheaper price. “The governor of the province is going to contact the Commerce Ministry of China and the matter will be settled there. We enjoy complete understanding with the company's management in this matter,” said Semyon Shapiro.

The Minsk Oblast Governor also said that the two sides discussed the possibility of raising the share of Belarus-made components in the cars BelGee makes up to 50% by mid-2018.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus