Belarusian-Chinese car maker BelGee aims for 30% localization

18 October 2013

BORISOV (BelTA) – Based in Borisov, Minsk Oblast, the Belarusian-Chinese joint venture SZAO BelGee plans to raise the share of local components in car manufacturing up to at least 30% in the future, BelTA learned from BelGee Director Dmitry Batrakov on 18 October.

The Director explained that for now the company uses Belarusian tires and accumulators but once a new factory is built in the free economic zone Minsk, the localization degree will rise. “We plan to raise localization up to 30% at least,” he said.

Dmitry Batrakov added that Belarus-made components will be manufactured by enterprises of the holding company BATE and other Belarusian enterprises. The components, which are not made in Belarus, will be imported from other Customs Union countries.

Apart from that, the executive told media that next month the company plans to start selling crossovers Geely Emgrand X7, which had been certified in Belarus and are passing certification in Russia.

As far as production capacity is concerned, BelGee now makes 40 cars per day. Dmitry Batrakov also said that the Belarusian Emergencies Ministry has been the largest buyer this year and now owns 58 BelGee cars.

At present the company employs 128 people, including five Chinese specialists with tenure and 20 ones with temporary jobs. The average salary stands at Br6 million.

BelTA reported earlier that BelGee has started batch producing Geely SC7 sedans. In addition to crossovers Geely Emgrand X7 the company is starting the production of the model Geely LC Cross.

The private joint-stock company SZAO BelGee was set up on 23 December 2011. The investment contract with the Chinese company Geely was signed in March 2012. The enterprise to assemble Chinese cars uses premises rented from the Borisov-based company OAO Avtogydrousilitel. The enterprise can use semi-knocked down kits to assemble 10,000 cars per annum at its top capacity. SZAO BelGee founders are OAO BelAZ (50% of the shares), the Chinese company Geely (32.5%), and the Belarusian-Chinese automobile parts manufacturer Soyuzavtotekhnologii.

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