Glubokoye Tinned Milk Factory aims for Vietnam, China

05 July 2012

VITEBSK (BelTA) – The Belarusian dairy manufacturer OAO Glubokoye Tinned Milk Factory plans to penetrate the markets of Vietnam and China, the company’s Deputy Director General for Commerce Sergei Stolyaronok told BelTA.

To promote its products in Vietnam, the company takes part in establishing a Belarusian-Vietnamese trading house in the city of Hanoi. Potential partners have been sent samples of whole-milk and skimmed milk powder, whey and relevant documents. The prices are being negotiated.

Prospects of entering the Chinese market opened up when the company took part in the 23rd Harbin international trade and economic fair that was held on 15-19 June. The market is of great interest since 9.7 million people live in the city and the satellites. The whole-milk and skimmed milk powder the company plans to sell there is now poorly represented. The situation has presented opportunities for Glubokoye Tinned Milk Factory.

Sergei Stolyaronok said there were certain difficulties, however, the company is intent on tackling them. Chinese partners have been given product samples, the first negotiations to establish contacts have been held successfully. Cooperation will be discussed further on during a visit of representatives of Harbin business circles to the Belarusian city of Vitebsk this week.

In H1 2012 Glubokoye Tinned Milk Factory turned out Br377.8 billion worth of merchandise, nearly 150% up from the same period of last year. Export totaled $15.2 million in January-June and accounted for 70% of the total sales. Glubokoye Tinned Milk Factory shipped its products to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Armenia, and the USA. In January-May the energy saving indicator amounted to 8.6%, labor productivity stood at 263.9% as against January-May 2011, with salaries averaging Br3.5 million.

Glubokoye Tinned Milk Factory was founded in 1966. It comprises a Braslav-based manufacturing division and the agricultural enterprise Mnyuto. The company offers tinned milk, butter, milk powder, whole-milk products, casein, hard rennet cheeses. The product range includes over 120 titles. The company employs 1,100 workers.

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