Belarus, China to assemble powered forage harvesters

21 December 2009

The Belarusian and Chinese sides have completed the registration of the joint venture which will assemble powered forage harvesters, BelTA learnt from Igor Korotkevich, head of the Gomselmash sales department.

The joint venture has been set up by the Belarusian Gomselmash Company and Chinese Dong Jin Group. In mid January 2010, the first session of new company’s administration is expected to be held.

The joint company is placed in the Heilongjiang province. The work of the company will be organized taking into consideration the work of the joint assembly productions in Russia and Kazakhstan. The Belarusian side will provide the supplies of machine sets (Palesse FS60) and the Chinese side will assemble forage harvesters and prepare them for sale. In the beginning, the joint company will assemble around 100 forage harvesters a year.

Gomselmash intends to use this joint venture for further promotion of the domestic agricultural machinery on the Asian market. “We would like to demonstrate the mutual benefit of the joint work and show our possibilities for those who are interested in such cooperation,” Igor Korotkevich noted.
Palesse FS60 is designed to harvest tall-stalked cultures (corn, sunflower), haymaking and other works.

The work of PalesseFS60 in agricultural companies of the Central, North-West, Ural, Volga and Siberian Federal Areas of Russia shows that Gomselmash’s forage harvester can operate in any harvesting conditions.

The manufacturing corporation Gomselmash was founded in 1930. It is a multi-business producer of machines designed to cultivate and harvest crops using contemporary agrarian technologies. The Gomselmash line-up includes machines for harvesting grain, forage crops, sugar beet, potato, as well as mowers and machines for complex soil cultivation. The company’s designing, manufacturing and maintenance practices are certified for compliance with the international quality management system ISO 9001-2001. The corporation was set up in 1978 at premises of the Gomselmash enterprise that was founded in 1930. At present the company employs 17,000 people.

GOMEL, 21 December (BelTA)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus