«The Gomel Engine Plant» and the Chinese company have established joint manufacture of engines

04 February 2008

Open Joint-Stock Company «The Gomel  Engine  Plant» and the Chinese company «Nigbo David Power have established joint manufacture of small-litre explosi on engines with power from 5 to 7 Kwt.The engines will be produced at the belarussian company.The first part of  the production is going to be made  in February  as told  the  head  of  The Gomel  Engine Plant Nikolay Ermakov.


In 2008 is planned to make more than 700 petrol  and diesel engines.From the beginning 95 per cent of the engines will be collected by using the chinese equipment.But in a short time the part of import details is supposed to be reduced and in three years it will be fully the belarussian product.

«The Gomel Engine Plant» was founded in 1966.At present the enterprise is repaired diesel engines of different types,repairing and reconstruction of combine harvesters and fodder harvesters.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus