Belarusian and Chinese customs authorities signed memorandum of understanding

24 April 2008

The State Customs Committee (SCC) of the Republic of Belarus and the Chief Customs Authority of the People’s Republic of China signed memorandum of understanding for cooperation while sharing bilateral trade statistics data. According to the SCC’s press service, the document was signed in Beijing by Leonid Dosov, the Deputy Head of the State Customs Committee and Gong Zhen, the Deputy Head of the Chinese Chief Customs Authority.



The press service noted that the document will allow setting cooperation between custom authorities of Belarus and the PRC in the field of sharing bilateral trade customs statistics data, comparison and revealing the causes of discrepancies of which will not only help to improve bilateral trade customs statistics data authenticity, but also have a positive impact on prevention, revealing, and restraint of violations to the customs law and regulations of the countries. The document also presupposes sharing experience on customs statistics.

Strengthening of cooperation between customs authorities of Belarus and the PRC will encourage observation of the Parties’ regulatory legal acts provisions, which concern supervision over transportation and delivery of goods to the country of destination, customs cost declaration, data on the country of origin.

During his visit to China, Leonid Dosov found out more about the activity of Chinese customs officers, the use of scanning monitoring system which allows getting an image of transport means and an image of the goods being transported without opening it, and also finding the items forbidden to transportation.   


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus