A hydrogen fuel powered bus was created in Shanghai

06 September 2007

The first public demonstration of a hydrogen fuel powered city bus “ Shenli-1” accomplished in Shanghai. The pollution-free bus is to be handed over to one of the Italian companies as an example model. It is to become the first Chinese automobile of this type exported abroad.

By its exterior and interior trim “Shenli-1” is very similar to an ordinary bus. Its maximal speed is 95 km/h. Its acceleration from the full-stop to the speed of 50 km/h takes 18 seconds. The full tank feeling up lets drive over 300 kilometers. The inner noise level is up to 65 decibel.

The key systems and equipment, with the exception of the body and the chassis, are made by the Shanghai sci-tech “Shenli” Company

“Shenli-1” buses will serve on the first demonstrative route in Shanghai. The company is also going to provide 27 hydro-powered engines for the Beijing Olympics. Cars and busses equipped by these engines having the zero emission level serve for athletes in the Olympic village.

Source: BelTA

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus