Projects on $1 billion are realized in Belarus with participation of the Chinese corporations.

23 November 2007

Projects on $1 billion are realized in Belarus with participation of the Chinese corporations. It has been told by plenipotentiary ambassador of Belarus in the Peoples Republic of China Anatoly Tozik on November 22nd at a meeting of the first secretary of a city town committee of Changchun Gao Guanbi with official delegation of Mingorispolkom. Action has passed within the bounds of Minsk Days in the Chinese city of Changchun.


Anatoly Tozik has noted that nowadays our countries had fine mutual relations. "It is so much done during the last years for our economic cooperation to pass from simple trade to realization of large joint mutually advantageous projects", - diplomat has told.

During a meeting Anatoly Tozik has named a number of perspective directions for the further cooperation of Belarus and China. In northeast provinces of China agrarian sphere actively develops, and Belarus could deliver agricultural machinery in these regions. Besides, productive could be cooperation on cultivation and manufacture of flax. "At the same time China imports it much. Let's grow up and make a flax fiber, fabrics, products together and deliver them to China and Europe", - ambassador has told.

Also Belarus is interested in creation of coproductions on release of dry milk and dry dairy mixes, manufacturing of building materials, and also in attraction building companies of China for erection of apartment houses in republic. "We are ready to invite building companies of China as contract organizations for erection of habitation, and then give them an opportunity to sell these objects ", - diplomat has told.

Besides, Anatoly Tozik has stated interest in purchase of the Chinese building equipment - cranes, lifts and other mechanisms. Also, considering greater capacities of Changchun factory on release of cement, ambassador has expressed readiness of Belarus to buy up to 1 million tons of this building material.

Among the largest projects of China which will be realized in the near future in Belarus, Anatoly Tozik has named modernization of three Belarus cement works. Large Chinese corporation SITIK is going to be an investor of this project.

Concerning a level of trade and economic cooperation, diplomat has noted that in the past year mutual commodity circulation has exceeded $1 billion, in current year expected increase up to $1.5 billion. He also has informed participants of a meeting, that Belarus - is unique country which has declared yuan as reserve currency that does more convenient economic attitudes and trade for two countries.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus