Implementation of Chinese equipment at Belarusian light industry enterprises

14 June 2007

The first precedent has been established. In June this year Chinese spinning machines started to work at the unitary enterprise “Weaving and spinning factory “Ruchayka” (Kobrin).

According to the Deputy Chairman of “Bellegprom” Concern Anatoly Gurov this factory’s experience will be illustrative for others.  The start of production line at “Ruchayka” will provide not only for turning out products which are new for Belarus, but also for cutting down their cost by 16—17%.

This year China is investing about $9.2 million in Belarus light industry. 13 Belarus firms mostly representatives of the sewing industry are taking part in negotiation. Two Chinese foreign trade companies which are expected to become guarantees for the delivered machines’ reliability will act as intermediaries in negotiations.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus