Industrial complex of Mogilev and Mogilev region


Mogilev is one of the biggest industrial and cultural centers in the Republic of Belarus. The town’s history and other information you can find at:

 Mogilev holds around 4 % of the total industrial output of Belarus. About half of the region’s economical share (48,6%) is held by Mogilev town. High concentration of industrial enterprises (71 enterprises), developed infrastructure and qualified labor force result in the balanced increase of the real economic sector and social sphere.    

The dominant branches in the industrial complex of Mogilev town which form almost the whole foreign trade turnover are chemical and petrochemical (32, 3%), machine engineering and metal processing industry (30,3%), food industry (12,1%),  light industry (10,9%).
The flagship of chemical industry is OAO “Mogilevchimvolokno” which is the biggest enterprise in Europe producing chemical fiber.
The second leading industry is machine engineering and metal processing. The major republican production output of elevators, automobile equipment, trailers and semi trailers for trucks, electric motors, steel pipes is provided by the town’s machine engineering enterprises.
About 4% of goods’ output is held by metal processing industry.

The enterprises manufacturing construction materials provide the industrial, social and cultural objects of the town and region with building materials, prefabricated reinforced concrete structures and general construction parts.

Food and light industry enterprises are being developed dynamically as part of consumer goods’ sphere of this town. Over a third of the output volumes fall to the share of light industry of Mogilev while over a half of these volumes of goods is exported.

In spite of the tough competition, industrial enterprises of Mogilev are well known in all the countries of the world due to the development of their logistic and commodity distribution network, opening of their own foreign trade representation offices and storage facilities.

The town’s advantageous geographical position along with the largest industrial potential in the Republic of Belarus have given unlimited opportunities for the enterprises of this town for fruitful cooperation with corporate partners within the country as well as abroad.




  • OAO “Bobryiskagromash”
  • OAO “Bobryiskselmash”
  • OAO “Bobryisk Plant of weight measuring equipment”
  • RYP “Bobryisk tractor parts and aggregate works”
  • OAO “Bobryisk machine building plant”
  • OAO “Bobryisk repair and mechanical plant”
  • RYP “Mogilevliftmasch plant”
  • RYPDP “Zenith “RYP Mogilevliftmash plant”
  • RPYP “Mogilev Strommashina plant”
  • RYP “ Mogilev Electrodvigatel plant”
  • OAO “Mogilev metallurgical plant”
  • Mogilevtransmash works” – branch of RYP “MAZ”
  • RYPP “Olsa”
  • RYP “Osipovichi plant of automobile units”
  • OAO “TAiM”
  • OAO “Technopribor”
  • Mogilev Branch of RYPP “BELAZ”



  • PRYP “Belarus concrete plant”
  • OAO “Bobryisk plant of  large-panel home-building”
  • Bobruisk YKPP “ Industrial center of reinforced concrete structures”(KZI)
  • PRYP “ZBK №13 plant of Mogilev”
  • OAO “Krichev ZBI plant”
  • PRYP “Krichevzementoshifer”
  • Public JSC OAO “Krovlya”
  • PRYP “Mogilev plant SZB №7”
  • ZAO “Mogilev Combine center of silicate products”
  • Osipovichi reinforced concrete structure plant”
  • Belarus-Austrian Joint PLC “Glass plant Elizovo”
  • Chaysy OAO “ZBI plant”
  • GYKDPP “Shklov combine center of construction materials and products”


  • ZAO “Bobryiskmebel”
  • OAO “Paper factory “SPARTAK”
  • OAO “Kostukovichesky lespromhoz”
  • OAO “Mogilevdrev”
  • OAO “Mogilevles”
  • SOAO “Mogilevmebel”
  • OAO “FanDOK”



  • OAO “Belarusrezinotechnika”
  • OAO “Belshina”
  • ZAO “Polymer pipe plant”
  • RYP “Krichevsky plant of rubber products”
  • OAO “Mogilev artificial fiber plant”
  • JV ZAO “Mogilev Chemical Combine Center “Zarya”
  • OAO “Mogilevkhimvolokno”



  • OAO “Bobryisk footwear factory”
  • OAO “Bobryisktrikotazh”
  • OAO “Kozhevnik”
  • OAO “Lenta”
  • ZAO “Mogilev garment factory “Vesnyanka”
  • OAO “Mogotex”
  • OAO “Obuv”
  • OAO “Slavyanka”
  • ZAO JV “Sopotex”



  • OAO “Babyshkina Krynka”
  • YKPP “Bobryisky soft drinks plant”
  • OAO “Bobryisky plant of vegetable oils”
  • OAO “Bobryisky  baker’s plant”
  • OAO “Bobryisky meat processing factory’
  • Bobryiskoe RYP “Hydrolyze plant”
  • OAO “Byhovmoloko”
  • OAO “Byhovsly tin and vegetable-drying factory”
  • OAO “Horetzky butter-making and cheese-making plant”
  • OOO “Veinyansky rodnik plant”
  • YKPP “ Oil-bearing crops processing factory”
  • CHYP “Kirovsky canned food factory”
  • OAO “Klimovichi combine bakery center”
  • RYP “Klimovichi liquor factory”
  • OAO “Krasny Pischevik”
  • OAO “Krichev meat processing factory”
  • OAO “Mogilev ice-cream factory”
  • OAO “Mogilev gelatin plant”
  • OAO “Mogilev meat processing factory”
  • State Enterprise “Mogilev fish complex”
  • OAO “Mogilevchleboprodukt”
  • RYPP “Mogilevchlebprom”
  • YKPP “Myasomolprom”
  • OAO “Mstislavsky butter and cheese-making factory”
  • OAO “Osipovichi milk plant”
  • RYSPP “Pridneprovskaya battery farm”
  • OAO “ Slavgorod butter and cheese-making factory”
  • OAO “Slavgorod vegetable-drying factory”
  • SZAO “ Syabar brewery”
  • OAO “Mogilevoblpischeprom” Holding
  • OAO “Chausy  butter and cheese-making factory”
  • OAO “Shklov mixed fodder plant”
  • OAO “Shklov butter-making factory”
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