Free economic zones

Since 1996, the year of the first free economic zone (FEZ) creation, the Republic of Belarus has accumulated a certain amount of experience in a FEZ formation and development. Today six free economic zones function on the territory of the Republic:

1. “Brest” (created in 1996);

2. “Gomel-Raton” (1998); www . gomelraton . comThe Free Economic Zone "Gomel-Raton";

3. “Minsk” (1998);

4. “Vitebsk” (1999); www . fez-vitebsk . com; The Free Economic Zone "Vitebsk";

5. “Mogilev” (2002);

6. “Grodnoinvest” (2002)

A Free economic zone is a part of the territory of the Republic of Belarus with precisely designated borders and a special legal regime, setting more favorable than usual conditions of entrepreneurial and business activities.

By setting up and developing FEZs the Republic of Belarus is pursuing the following goals:

increase of the foreign investment flow, improvement of investment climate and involvement of strategic investors;

creation of a favorable environment for the implementation of innovative and high technologies and leading foreign experience;

encouragement of export growth and import-substituting production development;

creation of new workplaces.

A special legal regime has been established to create a favorable environment for investing in FEZs. It sets a special procedure and conditions of taxation and currency, customs and other regulations.

Taxation specifics of certain economic activities (FEZ, HTP) (RUS)


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus