Information about the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus
The Ministry of Industry is a branch ministry and its organizations make up over 25% of the production volume in the structure of Belarusian economy. Our capabilities allow maintaining such a high level. Over 360 enterprises and organizations with over 300 thousand of the total employment work in the Ministry of Industry. According to their technological specialization they belong to 12 major branches. The most important ones are radio, electronic, motor-car and agricultural engineering industries and metallurgy and machine-tool construction.


Core activities


The machine-building complex comprises 139 machine-tool, motor-car, agricultural engineering, road-building and utility engineering, engineering in food and light industry instrumental production and metallurgy companies.



For many years
own machine tool building have been providing quantitative and qualitative development of other branches in Belarus playing the key part in manufacturing equipment pool updating. At present machine tool industry is represented by the economic group “Belstankoinstrument” which incorporates 25 enterprises and organizations including machine tool and instrument plants, production tools, forge-and press and foundry equipment manufacturing companies, a special design department, a research and engineering and design institute. The enterprises keep being efficient and have retained qualified staff. The range of the machines produced covers all 9 groups as per the classification accepted in machine tool industry, as well as woodworking machine tools to meet the technical demands of enterprises from different branches. Apart from industrial goods machine tool building plants carry out major overhaul and upgrade of metalworking equipment, and produce also consumer goods including domestic woodworking machines, baby carriages, high-security locks, cutters, kitchen kits and plastic goods, farming tools and spare parts for passenger cars.


Goods produced
RUP "Vitebsk machine tool plant  "Vistan" 
Centerless, universal, circular grinding machines and turning machines, numerical program control machines, working centers, automated lines, machines for bearing industry, gear production equipment, woodworking machines
RUP "S.M. Kirov Machine tool plant ", Minsk
Cutting-off,  horizontal and vertical broach machines, special, woodworking machine tools
Vitebsk ОАО "Vizas"
Sharpening machines, semi-automatic devices, woodworking machines
UP "Masherov Minsk Automated Line Plant"
Automated lines, building-block machines, special and woodworking machines
RUP " Molodechno Machine Tool Plant"
Vertical drill, thread-cutting and balancing machines
Pinsk National Unitary Machine Tool Building Enterprise “Kuzlitmash” 
Compression-type machines, foundry equipment
UP "MZOR", Minsk
Grinding machines, boring mills with programmed numerical control, turning and balancing machines.
RUP "S.M. Kirov Gomel Machine Tool Plant"
Working centers, knee-mills, slotting machines
RUP "Grodno turning chucks plant “BelTAPAZ”
turning chucks with manual latching of details
АО "Baranovichi Machine Tools Accessories Plant”
vice chuck and table vice, manual and mechanical turning chucks, rotary tables
RUPP "Orsha  Machine Tool Plant "Krasniy Boets"
Surface grinder, crank presses, small-scale mechanization milling machines, (rough grinding, cutting machines and benders), electromagnetic chucks, woodworking machines
RUP "Gomel Machine Tool Units Plant"
Drilling, radial drilling, and thread-turning machines, NC-machining technique
UP "OrshaTool Plant"
auxiliary and order-related tool, tools for metal cutting equipment, metal cutting tool
RUPP "KobrinToolPlant “SITOMO”

Motor-car construction
Belarus specializes in manufacturing trucks. During the recent years a breakthrough in the quality of the trucks, buses and special purpose cars has been made in this field. The branch’s enterprises manufacture cars with up to 300 ton carrying capacity Production volume build up and quality of production increases. Minsk motor car works alone manufactures over 300 models and modifications of trucks. It is the only enterprise in CIS which manufactures line haul trains up to EURO-2 and EURO-3 standards
Motor car industry includes 35 enterprises and organizations producing cars and road trains for international traffic, dump trucks and lumber trucks, all-wheel drive trucks with cross country capacity, super heavy rock handlers and dump truck trailers, loaders, self-powered scrapers, cargo trailers and semitrailers, caravans for passenger cars, diesel engines, different-purpose buses, OEM components and spares for automotive vehicles. The sub-industry includes specialized research and design institutes which provide development of new products, technologies and equipment.

Goods produced
UP "MinskAutomobile Plant"
Cars and road trains, tractive units for intercity and international traffic, dump-trucks, lumber trucks, cargo trailers and semitrailers, city and intercity buses, caravans for passenger cars
RUPP "Belarus Automobile Plant", Zhodino
Heavy and super heavy mine trucks, frontlifts, bulldozers, and aircraft towing vehicles
URP "S.M. Kirov Mogilev Automobile Plant "
self-powered scrapers, trains for underground mines and tunnels, aircrafts towing vehicles, mining loaders, transit-mix trucks, dump trucks
UP "Minsk Motor Plant"
Four-  and six-cylinder diesel engines for autotractor industry, including the ones with turbo charging
Grodno ОАО "Belcard"
Driveshaft for vehicles  
RUPP "Borisov plant "Avtogidrousilitel"
Hydraulic steering boosters for cars, oil pumps
RUP "Grodno Car Unit Plant"
Shock-absorbers, break chamber, child bicycles
ОАО "Borisov Car and Tractor Electrical Equipment Plant"
Starters and other electric equipment for automotive vehicles

 The sub-industry which is focused on agricultural sector of economy has found ways to apply new models of vehicles for agroindustrial complexes at the prices acceptable for consumers. Agricultural engineering industry comprises 80 enterprises with over 55 thousand of employees which produce tractors, combines, cars and equipment for production and processing of agricultural products as well as spare parts to them. The leader of sub-industry manufacturing union “Minsk Tractor Plant” mastered production of tractors of up to 280 horse-power with synchro-mesh gearbox, hydrostatic steering, modern hydraulics. Production of 250 to 280 horsepower tractors "Belarus" - 2522, "Belarus" -2822 was established. The enterprise is one out of seven major tractor exporters in the world
MAJOR COmpanies

Goods produced
PO "MinskTractorPlant"
universal tractors with 50 to 280 horsepower (23 models), small size tractors with 20 to 35 horsepower (6 models), walk-behind and mini tractors with 8 to 12 horsepower (8 models), public service, mine, timber logging machines, and loaders
RUP "Minsk Gear Works"
Splined shafts and wheels for automotive and other vehicles, forge steel, tractor ploughs
ОАО "Mozyr engineering plant" PO "МТZ"
Attachments to ameliorative and road-building machines (bulldozer, stubbing machines, ripper), road rotor mowing machines, attachments to agricultural loaders
PO "Gomselmash"
Self-powered fodder harvesting combines, universal  utilities, fodder harvesting and beetroot-lifting complexes, seeding-machines, croppers, harvesters, mini tractors, reaping threshers and flax combines
RUPP "Bobruyskagromash
Concern "Belagromash"
Transport and production machines for application of liquid and solid organic and mineral fertilizers, machines sets for hay-making, transportation and dispensation of rolled rough feed, portable universal feed dispensers, flax harvesters
ОАО "Lidselmash
Concern " Belagromash "
potato-planters, banking hoes, potato combine, potato-digger, disk harrows, tractor ploughs, universal air-power seeders, grain-dryers and other agricultural machines
RUP "Mozyr Agricultural Machinery Plant "
Heating, ventilation, hot water supply equipment: heat-generators, water heating units , domestic boilers
ОАО "BrestElectromechanical Plant"
universal air-power grain seeders, till-plant outfits





The sub-industry comprises over 10 enterprises which at present produce the bigger part of machines, equipment and tools for road building, construction and utility companies. Within the recent years new products which successfully compete with foreign analogs were mastered including automobile hydraulic cranes, container vehicles, pavement cleansing machines, mounting hoists, lumber manipulators. Enterprises also produce concrete mixers, painting units, painting stations, spray units, machines for bitumen mastic application, diaphragm compressors, pumps and other equipment for construction and fit-out works.


Goods produced
ОАО "Amkodor"
loaders, aerodrome sweeping machines, snow plows, public cleansing vehicles, road roller, lumber industry machines
ОАО "Mogilevtransmash"
Open automobile semi-trailers, semi-trailers with tent, refrigerators, container vehicles, pipe trucks, prefab trailers, automobile cranes of 15 and 25 ton carrying capacity, hoists, garbage trucks, insulated vans
RUP "Volkovysk Roofing and  Building and Finishing Machinery Plant“
Concrete mixers, paining units, painting stations, machines for bitumen mastic application, diaphragm compressors, and pumps

Although there is a rich variety of proposals from foreign manufacturers of machines for food and light industry and home appliances Belarusian engineering maintains its grounds. Production of sales equipment, machines for foodstuffs making and various mini-plants.
ZАО "Atlant" mastered production of a range of domestic refrigerators and freezers of modern design considerable part of which is exported. The sub-industry comprises over 20 enterprises which have rich experience in development and manufacture of machines. These are industrial and domestic sewing machines, rotary pumps, sales and manufacturing equipment for public catering establishments, equipment for processing of meat and poultry.


Goods produced
RPUP "Torgmash", Baranovichi
Machines and equipment for mass feeding and trade: grinders, potato peelers, pulping machines, refrigerator boxes, refrigerated cases, trading pavilions, mini cafes, mini markets, sales awnings, trading sheds, sets of sausage goods making equipment
RUPP "Brest Engineering Plant" 
Machines and equipment for meat-packing plants, spares for light industry equipment
RUP "Grodno Plant of  Trade Machine Building "
Sales and manufacturing equipment and inventory, dish-washing machines, domestic, industrial and agricultural multifunctional electric water heaters, and rotary pumps. Trade technological equipment and implements,
MinskZAO "Atlant"
Domestic refrigerators and freezers, refrigerators for bars,  washing machines, automatic molding machines, automated lines for production of dishware
ОАО "Orsha"
Industrial and domestic sewing machines, cutting equipment

Mettalurgy enterprises produce metalware ofhigh avalibility and quality metalware. This is facilitated by the phased reconstruction and updating of manufacture. Metallurgical complex includes 8 enterprises, principal products of which are certified in many countries of the world and are made according to the international standards, principle products. Enterprises of the sub-industry manufacture steel electric-welded round and shaped pipes, steel cast bar, rolled iron, different kinds of wires, metal cord, bolts, screws, inside screws, nails, molding materials and heating equipment.


Goods produced
RUP "Belarusian Metallurgical Plant", Zhlobin
Reinforcingbar, sectionironand            shapesteel-rolled stock, iron rod and wire, metal cord, steel cast section
ОАО "MogilevMetallurgical Plant"
Steel electric-welded round and             shaped tubes
RUP "Rechitsahardware plant"
Bolts, female and male screws, nails of all kinds and sizes
ОАО "Minsk Plant of Heating Equipment "
heatingboilers, radiators, fittings

Radio engineering industry
Many radio engineering enterprises had to go through a conversion process, that is they had to re-orient production: from defense production to manufacturing goods for civil branches and consumer goods. Within the recent years enterprises of this branch managed to improve essentially the quality and reliability of the gods produced due to introduction of new technologies, application of state-of-art materials and components from the leading manufacturers of the world.
The largest enterprises of the branch are OAO "Horizont" and RUPP "Vityaz" at present produce color TVs with quality, design and consumer functions up to the world standards. The radio engineering industry includes over 60 enterprises, research-and-production associations, and research and design institutes. The branch manufactures over one third of the volume of production of such products in the CIS countries
Among the basic products there are universal software and hardware, professional and home computers and work stations of various profiles, electronic automatic telephone exchanges, telecommunication and communication goods, automobile and power electronics articles, electronic cash registers, measuring devices, household appliances, medical equipment, furniture, accessories and other.


Goods produced
ОАО "Horizont”, Minsk
color monochrome TV-sets, DVD-players, radios, cable television systems, speaker acoustic systems, home theaters
RUPP "Vityaz", Vitebsk
color monochrome TV-sets, satellite receiver systems, furniture, medical equipment, fire equipment
UP "MPOVT", Minsk
Personal computers, computer classrooms, workstations, servers, electronic automated telephone exchanges switching equipment, electronic cash registers, circuit boards, illuminating products
ОАО "Minsk Instrument-making Plant "
            electric tools, home appliances, measuring equipment, .oscillographs,  medical equipment
RUP "Molodechno Radio Plant "Sputnik"
Fixed, mobile and cellular wireless telephony, refrigerator control units
RUP "Minsk Plant "Kalibr"
radio-measuring devices and equipment, .oscillographs, logic analyzers, programming units for integrated microcircuits, print boards, drinking pans for poultry plant, elevator controlling units
RPUPNovopolotsk Factory "Izmeritel"
telemetry system, automobile and power electronics articles, satellite navigation system equipment, telecommunication and communication goods, including microwave, continuous power supply systems
PRUP " Minsk "Termoplast" Plant "
Plastic ware, packing goods, washing machines, energy-saving lamps, joints and connectors
RUP "Gomel Radio Plant named after 60th Anniversary of the USSR"
PCM telephone communication multiplexing systems, facilities for meat processing industry, refrigerating chambers, water-treating facilities, cabinet ovens, hot plates, washing machines, home lamps, furniture, accessories
ОАО "Radiotehnika", Oshmyany
illuminating products and sockets for automotive vehicles, consumer goods
RNPUP "Raton", Gomel
Conventional and alternative power equipment, purpose processing equipment and attachment, equipment and spare parts for cars, mirrors for automotive and motor vehicles, medical equipment, consumer goods
RUP "Integration Automation Facility Plant",  Minsk
Dispatch and switch equipment for energy-saving organizations, consumer goods

Electronic industry

 Products of the enterprises of the electronic industry found application in all branches of the national economy: information systems, television and a radio engineering, cinema and photographic engineering, instrument engineering, industrial electronics, complex home appliances, etc. The technical level and the range of the hardware components produced have improved considerably.The largest enterprise of the branch is NPO "Integral" and in cooperation with well-known foreign manufacturers it provides for the 60% of world’s demand for integrated circuits for watches.Conversion was carried out for the companies and various new high-tech products were implemented. According to “Import Substitution” program production of the goods previously imported to Belarus was organized. New models of medical equipment were mastered: monitors and diagnostic devices, infant incubators, artificial cardiac valves


Goods produced
NPO "Integral" Minsk
Over 1500 kinds of digital and analogue integral circuits, over 400 kinds of semi-conductor items (transistors, diodes and stabilitrones), liquid-crystal displays and panels, purpose production equipment, digital cash registers,  telephone sets, electronic wristwatch, consumer goods
State Research and ProductionConcern of Precision Engineering “Planar” Minsk
Opto-mechanical, assembly and            control and measuring equipment for radio-electronic industry, pulse motors, medical equipment, artificial cardiac valve, , subsurface pumps, consumer goods
Vitebs PO "Monolit"
monolithic ceramic capacitor, ceramic solids, piezoelectric ceramics articles, speakers, electret microphones, consumer goods
RUP  "Pruzhany Plant of Radio Components" "
variable resistors, buttons, toggles, furniture mountings, leather goods

Electric power industry works at the interfaces between many branches and it has a lot of capabilities to develop new markets.  For example ОАО "Brest Electric Lamp Plant" mastered manufacture of car halogen lights when it faced low profitability of domestic incandescent light bulb production. Elevators manufactured by "Mogilevliftmash" work in 12 countries of the world and also in the rocket and space complex Baikonur. Electric power industry comprises 16 companies which turn out various products: wiring products, induction motors, supply and low-power transformers, low-voltage facilities, illuminating articles, elevators and elevator equipment, electronic start-control devices, starting devices for gas-discharge lamps, proximity limit switches, power semiconductors and     rectifier blocks on their basis,             motor control centers.

Major Companies

Goods produced
Molodechno OAO "Elektromodul".
Power semi-conductor devices, rectifier units for automotive sectors
PRUP " Minsk Electrotechnical Kozlov Plant "
supply and low-power transformers, equipment for power plants
RUP " Mogilevliftmash" Plant”
passenger elevators for residential and administrative buildings, freight elevators agricultural machines
Mozyr ОАО "Belaruskabel"
wiring products
Gomel ОАО "Gomelkabel"
Winding, open and enamel-covered wires
RUP "Gomel "Elektroapparatura", Gomel
low-voltage facilities, consumer goods
RUP "Lida Electrical Products Plant" "
Illuminating products
АО " Avtoprovod Schuchin Plant "
Wires and harnesses for tractor and automotive industry
ОАО "Brest Electric Lamp Plant "
General and special purpose incandescent lamps for industry, motor, air, rail and water transport
RUPDP "Zenit", Mogilev
Telecommunications, power generation, power saving facilities, consumer goods (tape recorders, radio cassette players, radio receiving equipment)
RUP "Mogilev "Elektrodvigatel" Plant”
induction motors, motor control centers
RUPP "Poleseelektromash"
induction motors, burners for cooking appliances

Opto-Mechanical Industry
 Opto-mechanical industry has previously been a part of defense complex. At present this branch increasingly focuses on peaceful application of its products. Opto-mechanical industry comprises 10 companies which manufacture high technology products: optic observation equipment, slide projectors, day and night vision sights, part processing machines for optical plants, vacuum-coating units for optics, ceramics, metal, refrigerating compressors, laser medical equipment, gas meters, components for tractor and motor car industries, and consumer goods


Goods produced
BELOMO (Belarus Optical & Mechanical Enterprise) "
Devices and range finders, including those using lasers, day and night vision sights, medical equipment, spyglasses, night vision equipment, gas meters, components for tractor and motor car industries (brake system units, carburetors, magneto, meters, mirrors), consumer goods (squeezers, furniture mountings)
RUP Plant "Optic" , Lida
Special purpose optical details, optic and  spectacle details, eyeglass lenses, fiber optic goods
RUP "Smorgon Plant of Optical Machine-Tool Building "
optical details processing machines, vacuum-coating units for optic details, gear pumps for automotive vehicles, agricultural machines (heat generator for grain drying plants ТА-08; ТGА-800)

Instrument making industry
Measurement accuracy is of primary importance in development of new equipment and machinery up to the world standards. Belarusian instrument engineering is the governing factor in attaining high quality of production. 
Instrument making branch comprises 5 enterprises which played an important role in supplying the republic with radiometric surveillance devices after the Chernobyl disaster. At present the enterprises of the branch manufacture electric measuring and analytical instruments, weight measuring equipment, electric drills, electric fans, hair driers, car vacuum cleaners and other consumer goods.

Goods produced
NPRUP "Ekran", Borisov
aircraft piloting and navigation , anti-locking car systems different purpose sensors, consumer goods (electric drills, electric irons, mixers, driers)
RIP "Vitebsk Plant of Electric Measuring Instruments "
Electric measuring instruments, instrument transformer and  monophase and three-phase multi rates power and energy metering devices
RUP "Gomel Measuring Instruments Plant"
analytical instruments and electrode systems
ОАО "Tehnopribor", Mogilev
Elevator control stations; traffic lights, floodlamps for decorative lighting in architecture, emergency lighting lamps, illuminating bulbs; domestic electrical pumps; woodworking machines: compact МDS1-01, МDS1-02; milling F-130-03, F-130-04; panel boring SPТ1-21, SPTZ-21 with pivoting slide rest; radial saw machines, models of panel saws ТСК-2500М1, ТСК-3200 for length, cross, fiber lumber cutting and cutting at an angle,. ТСК-01 for board, bars and cuchipboard cutting, domestic panel planers МР-1. In 2000, the company was awarded international quality certificate МS ISО 9001 on woodworking products
ОАО " Vitebsk Instrument-making Plant"
Ladies’ and gents' wrist mechanical and quartz watch, , alarm clocks, wall clocks in wooden cases аn up-to-date watch-making company, equipped with  high-performance equipment and advanced technologies. 
stethoscope for health care institution, church articles, accessories for light and shoe industries
ОАО "Vesopribor"
Weight measuring equipment and spare parts for it. Counter balance with 10 to 20 kg weighing limit. Common balance with 100 to 2000 kg weighing limit. Strain-gauge platform scales with 0.5 to 10 ton weighing limit. Car strain-gauge balance with 100 to 250 ton weighing limit. motor-truck scales with 10 to 80 ton weighing limit.

The industries bearing the newest scientific achievements are given the first priority in development in the republic. These are optoelectronics and information technologies. A great number of highly qualified experts work on the fore


ign companies’ orders rendering scientific and technical services. A range of programs were developed in the re


public and to implement them specialists in information technologies from Russian and world-wide companies are engaged.
The structure of the machine-building complex of Belarus was as follows: motor industry manufactures 27% of output aggregate, metallurgy - 21%, release of agricultural tractors and machines makes up 18,4%, electronic and electro technical products, devices and components – 7,4%. Moreover rather a broad spectrum of other production is made. In particular, manufacture of consumer goods in totals 13%. First of all these are "Horizon" and "Vityaz" TV sets and «Atlant» refrigerators which are well-known outside the republic. In the industry system there is a significant number of design organizations which develop new products, technologies, and control systems including software products.
Constantly accrual potential of the enterprises reporting to the Ministry of Industry has a clearly stated focus on export and forms a significant part the country’s volume of foreign trade. 15.9 % of Belarusian foreign trade turnover from January-November 2006 falls on the Ministry of Industry, including 21.6 % of export and 10.8 % of import. The enterprises of the Ministry maintained trade relations with 121 states. At this export was carried out to 102 countries, an


d from 73 countries goods were imported.
The enterprises of machine-building complex directly export up to two thirds of the total volume of the manufactured goods. Foreign turnover exceeded $6 billion within 11 months 2006; the increase made up 23 % as against the same period of 2005. Export build-up is the basis for the development of the industry. During the recent several years the enterprises of the Ministry constantly increase export shipments.
The largest foreign trade partners of B


elarusian mechanical engineering are the Russian Federation, the Ukraine, Western Europe countries, China, the CIS countries, etc. The markets of the Near East, Southeast Asia and Latin America countries are being developed.
Products of motor industry, metallurgy, consumer goods, electronics, and electrical engineering prevail in the export structure of the industry’s enterprises.
Increase of export potential and expansion of market presence can only be possible provided the core parameter of competitiveness is observed, that is price/quality ratio. To achieve this, continuous work on production upgrade, introduction of up-to-date manufacture and management technologies, and search of new forms of co-operation with foreign partners is required.



Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus