List of exhibitions in China

Joint fairs and exhibitions

1. East China Import and Export Fair (March, Shanghai);
2. China International Import and Export Goods Exhibition (April-October, Guangzhou);
3. Harbin International Trade-Economic Fair (June, Harbin);
4. North-East Asia Trade & Investment Fair (September, Chang Chun);
5. China International Exhibition on Trade and Investments (September, Xiamen)
6. Urumqi Trade-Economic Fair (September, Urumqi);
7. China International Expo of goods (October, Yiwu);


Integrated exhibitions

8. China International Machine Tool Exhibition (November, Shanghai);

Motor Industry 

9. Bus World Asia 2008 (March, Shanghai);
10. China International Automotive Aftermarket Industry Fair (March, Beijing);
11. International Auto Expo (April, Beijing);
12. International Bicycle and Motorcycle Exhibition (April, Shanghai);
13. China International Automotive Electronics Products and Technologies Show (May, Shanghai);
14. International Auto Maintenance and Test Tools Expo (May, Shanghai);
15. International Trade Fair for Auto Maintenance Technology and Equipment, Automobile Spare Parts and Accessories (June, Shanghai);

Metallurgy Industry

16. International Exhibition of Casting Products and Exhibition on DIE Casting Foundry and Industrial Furnace (April, Beijing);

Tool Industry

17. International Tool and Machinery Equipment Fair (April, Dunhuang)
18. China International Tool Producers Expo (June, Guangzhou);


19. International Optics Fair (February, Shanghai);
20. World of Photonics China (March, Shanghai);

Other branches of industry

21. China Int’l Exhibition of Packaging Machinery and materials (February, Shanghai);
22. China Int’l Heating and Air-conditioning Fair (February, Beijing);
23. International Machinery and Foundry Industry (March, Shenzhen);
24. China Int’l Packaging materials and Equipment (March, Guangzhou);
25. Pump, Valve and Pipe Trade Show (March, Guangzhou);
26. China Int’l Fair for Automation of pipelines, reinforcement, compressor equipment, control instrumentation (March, Guangzhou);
27. China Int’l Cutting and Welding Exhibition (April, Beijing);
28. International Exhibition and Conference for Production, Technology and Manufacturing steel pipes (April, Shanghai);
29. China Exhibition of Glass Industry (April, Beijing);

Petrochemical Industry

30. China International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (April, Beijing);
31. China International Chemical Industry Expo (April, Shanghai);


32. China International Electrical Power, Engineering and Equipment Exhibition (February, Wenzhou);
33. China International Exhibition and Conference on Bioenergetics (October, Beijing);
34. World Power Industry Exhibition. World Electrotechnical Equipment Exhibition (November, Beijing)

Light Industry

Furniture Industry

35. China Int’l Exhibition of Furnishings and Wood Products, also Furniture Accessories and Materials (March, Beijing);
36. International Exhibition on Woodworking and Furniture Machinery
(March, Beijing);
37. International Furniture Expo (March, Guangzhou);
38. China Int’l Exhibition of Furniture and Woodworking Machinery (June, Dalian);
39. International Furniture Equipment and Technology for Manufacture and Woodworking (November, Beijing);

Textile and Sewing Industry

40. Shanghai International Clothing and Textile Expo (March, Shanghai);
41. International Exhibition Textile, Technology and Equipment for Light Industry (March, Dunhuang);
42. China Shanghai International Textiles, Fabrics & Accessories Exhibition (March, Beijing); 
43. China Int’l Textile Engineering Exhibition (July, Shanghai);
44. China International Textile and Textile Equipment Exhibition (June, Shanghai);
45. International Fair and Exhibition of Technical Textile and Nonwoven Fabric (October, Shanghai);

Shoe Industry

46. China International Footwear Exhibition (Jule, Beijing);

Other branches of light industry

47. China Fur and Leather Products Exhibition (January, Beijing);
48. China Leather Products Exhibition (September,  Shanghai);

Food  Industry

49. International Trade Fair for the Bakery and Confectionery Trades (May, Guangzhou);
50. International Foodstuffs and Special-purpose equipment Exhibition (May, Shanghai);
51. China International Food Processing and Packing Equipment Exhibition (May, Shanghai);
52. International Trade Fair on Beverage, Brewery and Wine Technology and Equipment (June, Ghangzhou);
53. China Food Exhibition (June, Ghangzhou);
54. International Food Processing and Packing Equipment and Food Raw Materials Exhibition (Jule, Shanghai);

Agricultural Industry

55. China International Exhibition and Technology Symposium on Agriculture Industry (April, Beijing);
56. Exhibition of intensive rearing domestic animals, poultry and fish (October, Beijing);

Science and Technics

57. China International Exhibition on High and New Achievements in Science and Technics (December, Shenzhen);


Railway transport

58. China International Railway Interiors Expo (November, Beijing);

Constructional materials and equipment

59. China International Exhibition for Heating and Air-conditioning (February, Shanghai);
60. China International Building Decorations and Building Materials Exposition (February, Beijing);
61. China Int’l Floor Coverings and Carpet Fair (February, Beijing);
62. China International Fair for Stone Working, Technology and Equipment (March, Xiamen);
63. International Exhibition for Sanitary Ware and Building Ceramics (April, Shanghai);
64. China International Light Fittings and Technologies Expo (April, Shanghai);
65. Exhibition for Stone Working Equipment and Products (April, Shanghai);
66. International Building Industry Exhibition (April, Shanghai);
67. International Building Industry Exhibition (May, Shanghai);
68. International Exhibition for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Construction Vehicles and Equipment (November, Shanghai);

Protection of the Environment

69. International Water, Wastewater and Water Treatment Show (March, Guangzhou);
70. China International Waste Disposal and Clearing of the Air Technologies and Equipment (March, Guangzhou);
71.  International Environmental Protection Show (March, Shanghai);
72. International Environment Protection Exhibition (September, Shanghai);

Information Processing Technologies and Communications

73. China International Exhibition and Conference on Electronics and Wireless Technologies (March, Shenzhen);
74. China's Southern Exhibition and Conference for Telecommunications, the Internet, IT and Wireless/broadband (May, Guangzhou);

Medicine and health protection

75. China Int’l Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition (April, Beijing);
76. China International Dental Expo (June, Beijing);
77. China International convention on pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediate products (June, Beijing);
78. China International Exhibition of Scientific, Laboratory and Analytical Technologies and Biotechnologies (September, Shanghai);

Consumer Goods

79. China Int’l Jewellery Exhibition (February, Shenzhen);
80. China Int’l Exhibitions for Sports and Recreation (February, Beijing);
81. China International Fishing and Fishing Tackles Exhibition (February, Beijing);
82. China Int’l Health and Beauty Exhibition (May, Shanghai);
83. China Int’l Sporting Goods Show (July, Beijing);
84. China Int’l Exhibition of Sports Clothing and Goods for sport and rest (August, Nanjing);
85. China International Hardware Show (September, Shanghai);


86. World Travel Fair (June, Beijing);


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