The National Center for Marketing and Business Environment

Information Republican Unitary Enterprise “National Center for Marketing and Price Study” (further referred to as “the Center”) is a specialized informational organization under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

The main purpose of the Center is giving informational assistance to the state offices of governing and control, native manufacturers, private and governmental enterprises in dealing with the issues of foreign economic activity and supporting foreign enterprises in their economic cooperation with the Republic of Belarus.

The Center works in the following directions:

  • Marketing research of internal and foreign markets
  • Informational support of export
  • Informational support of tender-based purchases
  • Informational support of state offices of governing and control
  • Establishment of an IMC network. Informational cooperation with foreign partners.

High productivity of the work of the Center is achieved through close cooperation with a specific customer on market issues. This leads to a full coverage of export and import questions in the following areas:

  • Providing with the price conditions on internal and external trade markets.
  • Search for international markets for belarusian exporters. Full information on manufacturers, customers, exporters/importers both in the Republic of Belarus and abroad: address, market share, product description, dealer networks etc.
  • Consulting on choosing partner countries and companies and entering certain markets.
  • Analysis of the world market with the purpose of determining potential candidates for equipment and services delivery.
  • Informational support on import substitution goods, manufactured by residents of free economic areas of the Republic of Belarus. The internal market is being analyzed in order to confirm the absence of goods, similar to the goods produced in the current year and the preceding years, and the import of these goods.

Monitoring of prices on basic groups of products can be conducted on permanent basis on the request of a Customer with the use of foreign and native informational resources.

The Center has a number of international agreements on cooperation with Information Marketing Centers abroad.

The Center has signed an agreement and has got access to informational resources of International Trade Center UNCTAD/WTO.

The Center runs a National Register of Belarusian, the informational system and the data base “Price Conditions” is being formed.

The web-site has been worked out and implemented to promote and develop trade and partnership contacts between Belarusian and foreign enterprises.

The catalogue of exporters containing information on enterprises with electronic exposition of their export goods is being worked out.

The Center worked out the informational system “Tenders” in order to provide Belarusian enterprises with foreign tenders information. Access to these resources is implemented through portal With the purpose of giving additional information about tenders the Center publishes the bulletin “ Tenders in Belarus and abroad.” It’s an official publication of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economy.


National Center for Marketing and Price Study

7 Pobediteley Ave., Minsk 220004, Republic of Belarus

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus