Joint Declaration of the Republic of Belarus and the People’s Republic of China of 5 December, 2005

By invitation of the President of the People’s Republic of China Hu Jintao the President of the Republic of Belarus A.G. Lukashenko paid a state visit to the People’s Republic of China from December 4 to December 6 2005.

The heads of two countries in friendly and warm atmosphere conducted a sincere and profound exchange of opinions in the field of bilateral cooperation as well as international and regional issues that were of interest to both parties, and they achieved mutual understanding in a wide range of issues. The parties noted that in the present situation strengthening and improvement of friendship, strengthening of mutual assistance and expansion of mutually beneficial cooperation, making of relations between Belarus and China on a higher level corresponded to key interests of both states and their peoples, contributed to maintenance of peace, stability and development in the region and all over the world.

The Republic of Belarus and the People’s Republic of China, on the basis of mutual desire to put the relations and cooperation between two countries on a new stage, by results of the summit concluded the following declaration:

The Parties express satisfaction with the pace of sound, stable and fruitful development of Belarusian-Chinese relations and state that traditional friendship, comprehensive cooperation and high confidence between two countries are progressively strengthened.

The Parties note that contacts on high level have an important role for the development of bilateral cooperation in various fields. The Parties express their readiness to support positive pace of mutual visits on a high and other levels aimed at giving new impulses to the development of Belarusian-Chinese relations.

The Parties note that the relations between two states have come to a qualitivly new stage, the stage of comprehensive development and strategic cooperation. The Parties announce about their decision in the spirit of eternal friendship, sincerity and mutual confidence to expand large-scale cooperation in the fields that are of interest to both countries with the purpose of mutual development and filling the relations between Belarus and China with substantive content.

The parties announce again about their intend to further support close cooperation on important principle issues regarding national independence, state sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity and national dignity, to strengthen mutual support in upholding key interests of each of the countries.  

The Republic of Belarus claims commitment to its principle position on Taiwan issue that is fixed in Belarusian-Chinese political documents, will conduct policy of “one China” strongly, will oppose “independence of Taiwan” in all its forms, will not establish official relations or conduct official contacts with Taiwan, will oppose entering of Taiwan in the UNO and other international organizations, members of which are sovereign states, will not supply arms to Taiwan.

The Republic of Belarus indicates that Taiwan issue is the domestic affair of China only, no outer force has the right to interfere therein. The Republic of Belarus claims its support of the Law “On Secession” passed at the third meeting of the National People’s Congress of the tenth convocation, supposing that it meets expectations and key interests of the Chinese people.

The People’s Republic of China with understanding and respect treats the conducted by the Republic of Belarus independent domestic and foreign policies and the way of development chosen by the Belarusian people with account for realities of the country, supports all efforts of Belarus that are directed at upholding of the state sovereignty and national dignity, at maintenance of social stability and assistance to social and economic development, opposes any outer interference in domestic affairs of Belarus under any pretence.  

The Parties indicate with satisfaction that relations and cooperation between Belarus and China in trade, economic, scientific and technical, military, educational, tourism fields and in culture, social security and information have become close and fruitful, and it reflects huge potential and wide perspectives of cooperation between two countries.

The Parties note that expansion and improvement of trade and economic cooperation between Belarus and China have a huge importance for strengthening and development of bilateral relations. The Governments of two countries and their competent bodies that supervise economic and trade issues will use at most the possibilities of intergovernmental commission on trade and economic cooperation, jointly undertake effective measures to increase the volume of mutual trade, improvement of product turnover structure, development of new models of cooperation, advancing the system of trade service, including banking and insurance services, arbitration, etc. The Parties shall assist to implementation of available projects of cooperation, develop cooperation in the fields of machinery, telecommunications, energy and others.  

The Parties support economic subjects of both countries in their intend to actively develop cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual benefit; encourage activization of  direct trade relations between economic subjects and their mutual participation in fairs and exhibitions. The Chinese Party welcomes participation of the Belarusian Party in its work with Western regions and restoration of old industrial bases of North-Eastern and other regions of China.

The Chinese Party supports the fastest accession of Belarus in the World Trade Organization and is sure that it will serve the strengthening of universality and representativeness of this Organization, expansion of influence of the system multilateral trade, development of Chinese-Belarusian trade cooperation. By joint efforts the Parties have successfully completed negotiations on accession to the markets of both countries when Belarus accedes to the WTO and signed the relevant documents. The Parties announce about mutual recognition of each other as the countries with full market economy. The Parties express their readiness to strengthen cooperation in the WTO framework on the principle of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit.

The Parties announce that they will assist to expansion of scientific and technical cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit, in every possible way assist to the development of traditional and new forms of cooperation such as conducting of Days of Science and Technologies and establishment of zones for new high tech application, implementation of the most significant projects with account for priorities in development of science and technology in each of the countries. In this connection the Intergovernmental Commission on Scientific and Technical Cooperation of two countries will play its positive role.

The Parties suppose that the expansion of relations in humanitarian field and direct cooperation between regions of two countries are important means for profound bases of bilateral cooperation. The Parties claim for extending of regional and non-governmental contacts, for improvement of mutual understanding and friendship of two peoples by means of extending of exchanges of youth and students, literature and arts men, by means of mutual conducting of the Days of national culture and arts exhibitions.  

The Parties announce that the signed during the present visit Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of the People’s Republic of China on Principles of Cooperation between Local Executive and Regulatory Bodies of the Republic of Belarus and the People’s Republic of China shall serve as a direction document by making contacts and by cooperating between regions of two countries.

The Parties express their readiness to more actively assist to visit exchange of citizens between two countries and to advocacy of legal interests of the citizens of one Party on the territory of the other Party.  

The Parties note that the present international situation is in the process of complicated and profound changes. World economy is characterized by the development of globalization tendency, world policy – of the strive for multipolarity. Peace and development are the major keynotes of modern society. Nevertheless, continuously local conflicts start, the gap between the poor South and the rich North is increasing, traditional security problems are developing and the new ones occur such as terrorism and transnational crimes, serious infectious diseases are spreading, natural calamities are serious challenges for the humanity.

The Parties state that all problems, which the humanity faces, can be solved only by assistance to the process of democratization of international relations on the basis of principles of international law and fully recognized norms of international relations. In this connection the Parties state that the international community should totally refuse from confrontation mentality and establishment of blocks, should maintain in full volume equal participation of all countries in international affairs and independent administration of their domestic affairs, should resolve discrepancies and disputes only by peaceful means, should not take unilateral actions and implement power policy, should not implement force or the threat to use it, should create by joint efforts a new security structure that will be characterized by mutual confidence, mutual benefit, equality and interaction.

The Parties are sure that the UNO is the most universal and influential organization that contains sovereign states, and its role and place in maintenance of global security and assistance to international cooperation cannot be substituted. The main goals and principles indicated in the UN Charter are the generally recognized norms of international relations and are to be strictly observed.  

The Parties emphasize that the authority of the UN Security Council as a major body of the UNO in maintenance of peace and security all over the globe shall be protected to the full extent.  

The parties claim for proper reform of the UNO and its Security Council as to strengthen possibilities of the Organization in compliance with changes in international situation. The Parties emphasize the necessity to strengthen the traditional UN role in maintenance of peace and security, assistance to peaceful development. Reforming of the main bodies and structures in the UNO should be carried out on the basis of consensus of all membering states, without artificial imposing of terms and pressure by voting at decisions. The Parties draw attention to the necessity of taking into consideration special requirements of developing countries in the process of the Organization transformation in strict compliance with the framework goals and principles of the UN Charter.

The parties will support constructive cooperation within international and regional organizations to conduct regular consultations as to actively develop of agreed positions, carrying out of mutual support of their national interests. The People’s Republic of China welcomes and supports the establishment of relations and start of cooperation of the Republic of Belarus with Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The Parties unanimously disapprove terrorism, separatism and extremism that are a serious threat to security of sovereign states, for peace and stability all over the world. The Parties note that application of “double standards” is inadmissible in issues of the fight against terrorism. The international community should by united efforts conduct strong and uncompromising struggle against terrorism in its all forms. The Parties renew their readiness in the framework of the UN Charter and the relevant international treaties to strengthen cooperation in struggle against terrorism, separatism and extremism as well as other crimes.  

The Parties note that all countries have the right to protect human rights with account for their own realities and in compliance with generally recognized international norms, and that disputes occurred should be resolved by means of dialogue and cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual respect. The Parties claim that protection of human rights in international community should be based on absolute maintenance of equality and non-interference in domestic affairs of other countries. The Parties are against politicization of the issues of human rights and their use as an instrument for political pressure of some countries on the other. The Parties are ready to maintain an active dialogue and cooperation in this field.

The Parties are for support of maintenance of peace and stability on Korean Peninsula and in North-Eastern Asia, for resolving of nuclear problems of Korean Peninsula by peaceful means and for its denuclearization. The Parties emphasize that six-party negotiations are a real and effective method of peaceful resolving the nuclear problems of Korean Peninsula. The Parties highly evaluate intents of all parties that are indicated in the Joint Statement of participants of six-party negotiations in its fourth running, hope that all participants will further keep patience, be flexible and sincere, will strictly and with full responsibility follow given by them political promises, will expend joint active efforts for continuous advancing to negotiating process.

The Parties support progressive measures carried out by the “four” international middle-parties on Middle East settlement. The goals of settlement are the seize of violence of Israeli and Palestinian parties, the fastest achievement of peace and stability in the region according to the UN resolutions and principles of “Land in Exchange for Peace”.

The Parties also support the efforts of the international community that are directed at the fastest political stabilization and economic restoration of Iraq, advocate maintenance of the state sovereignty and territorial integrity of this country.

The President of the Republic of Belarus A.G. Lukashenko extended his appreciation to the Chinese party for the warm welcome rendered to him and Belarusian delegation during the visit to the People’s Republic of China and in his turn invited the President of the People’s Republic of China Hu Jintao to official visit to the Republic of Belarus. The invitation is accepted with gratitude by President Hu Jintao. It was arranged that the terms of this visit would be agreed on through the diplomatic channels.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus