The press service noted that the visit of the Chinese delegation confirms the sides have established productive cooperation, which contributes to the enabling of favorable conditions for business development while maintaining effective customs oversight over international commercial transactions

The BSU Training Center in Sanya was established in 2018 to prepare Chinese applicants planning to study at the Belarusian State University. Today, about 140 students are trained on the programs of the Belarusian university in the center.

Jurgen Rigterink, in turn, praised EBRD-Belarus contacts which have become more frequent recently. Due to the increasing volume of operations in the EBRD portfolio, Belarus has become one of the most important countries for the bank, he stressed

The new facility of the Swiss partners will enable Belarus to once again asset itself as a country that produces high-tech and competitive goods.

The industrial park had been tasked with raising the number of resident companies up to 60 by the end of 2019. The task has been fulfilled. The family of the resident companies grew larger with OOO Hess Great Stone, a daughter enterprise of the Swiss company Carrosserie HESS AG

There are plans to host the Year of Belarusian Regions in China in 2020. In this respect the focus was made on the need to step up interregional cooperation and strengthen economic, cultural and tourism ties

“The Great Stone Industrial Park received FEMOZA Awards 2019 in the Fastest Growing Industrial Park nomination. The awards ceremony took place during the World Free and Special Economic Zones Summit in Monaco on 14 November,” said Kirill Koroteyev

The delegation of Minsk met with Shanghai's Changning District Governor Wang Lan to discuss ways to strengthen friendly ties between Changning District and Sovetsky District of Minsk.

The document will allow establishing a common market based on the principles of transparency, legitimacy and mutual benefits. It will also help strengthen mutually beneficial trade and economic ties.

“Four Belarusian sugar refineries have been accredited for export of beet pulp to China. Earlier we sold beet pulp through intermediaries, but from now on we will supply beet pulp to China directly. The Chinese market is huge and the demand is strong. I think that we will ship the first batches of beet pulp to China under direct contracts by the end of the year,” Igor Shustov said

Fertilizers will be made using Migao Corporation's technology by converting ammonium nitrate and potassium chloride. Potassium chloride made by the fourth mine administration and ammonium nitrate imported from Russia will be used as raw materials. The first batch of raw materials from Russia (700 tonnes) has already been dissolved and pumped into storage tanks

Five Belarusian poultry farms are accredited for export to China. These include Agrokombinat Dzerzhinsky, Vitebsk Broiler Poultry Factory, Poultry Plant Druzhba, Servolux, and Smolevichi Broiler. Moreover, 54 Belarusian dairy companies and two meat processing plants have been given a green light to export to China

At the end of the meeting the parties signed a protocol on quarantine requirements for Belarusian poultry. This protocol provides for the access for a broad range of poultry products to the Chinese market. The meeting took place during the 2nd China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai

Belarusian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrei Dapkiunas met with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of China to Belarus Cui Qiming to discuss mutual visits in 2020

China has granted market access to 54 Belarusian milk-processing companies and five poultry factories, namely Agrokombinat Dzerzhinsky, Vitebsk Broiler Poultry Factory, Poultry Plant Druzhba, Servolux, and Smolevichi Broiler. Veles-Meat and Mogilev Meat Packing Plant have been certified to export beef to China

Issues related to the preparations for the event were talked over at a meeting in Beijing on 4 November.

The parties discussed the development of cooperation in traditional Chinese medicine, the prospects for registration of medical companies from China in the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone

“We are closely working with China. Our export is estimated at $61 million as of today. By the year-end it is expected to grow up to $90 million. In 2020 we are set to approach $100 million. We export a broad range of merchandise. This year the export has grown on the back of meat products: Belarus shipped 5,500 tonnes of poultry and 2,500 tonnes of beef,” Aleksei Bogdanov said

The official described the construction of a factory in the industrial park to make Euro-6 engines using a complete fabrication cycle as a strategic direction in localizing the production of automobiles. The engines will be sold to BelGee and exported to Europe

These enterprises include Zhabinka Sugar Refinery, Skidel Sugar Refinery, Gorodeya Sugar Refinery, and Slutsk Sugar Refinery

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