In his words, global cooperation in the post-global period is becoming more and more important and necessary.

In the course of implementing interaction between the two countries it is important to work out new mechanisms of regional economic cooperation for the sake of providing useful experience and one's own contribution to a better existing world economic system

The session was arranged by the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research (BISR) jointly with Chinese partners and took place in the form of a videoconference

Belarusian companies presented their export potential on the international market of logistic services during the Belarusian-Chinese seminar “New capabilities of supply chains along the Belt and Road route”. The event was held during a China International Services Expo

The Chinese-Belarusian industrial park Great Stone is a special economic zone with a special legal regime, located some 25km away from Minsk.

Belarus is an active participant in the global Belt and Road project. The Belarus-China technopark in the city of Changchun will get an important role in the project

The agreement was signed during the First World Live E-Commerce Conference that took place on the sidelines of the Second International Trade Digital Development Forum

Trade and economic relations between the two countries reached a new height in 2019 in terms of trade in goods and services. Cooperation in the agricultural industry is also on the rise.

The export trading session on 28 July resulted in selling 8,800 cubic meters of timber to the tune of $1.4 million to China. All in all, since the start of the year, 32,300 cubic meters of timber worth $5.1 million has been sold to China

The establishment of the center is supported by Qufu Normal University and Fujian Normal University that signed academic cooperation agreements with Polesie State University.

Literature on history, culture, art and economic studies is available for visitors of the institution. There are reference books, guidebooks and maps in Chinese, educational and methodical literature, materials of the institute's methodologists. There are also media resources and programs in Chinese. Anyone can use laptops and tablets.

 Beijing Urban Construction Group has been chosen as the general contractor for building a national football stadium in Belarus

The executive said: “They promise deliveries will be fully resumed sometime in mid-April. We hope we will not see any downtime since we have a certain stockpile of components. If we get more of them, everything should get back to normal.”

Sergei Nesterovich said: “The agreement represents the initial stage for tapping into the potential the 5G technology offers. Our telecommunications flagship Beltelecom will provide all kinds of assistance in association with Huawei Company to develop 5G technologies in the industrial park.”

The document was signed by Head of the Industrial Park Administration Aleksandr Yaroshenko, Director General of SZAO Industrial Park Development Company Yan Gang, and Chairman of the Board of the Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus Andrei Zhishkevich

“Twenty-two houses having 1,854 apartments with the total area of about 118,000 square meters were commissioned in 2018-2019. After two phases of the housing construction project were completed, more than 5,000 people could improving their living conditions. Those are people on the government waiting list for better housing, low-income families,” the ministry noted

The areas where Belarus has the potential to increase exports to China were reviewed once again during today's meeting with the head of state. “We are an export-oriented country. China is an inexhaustible growing market. In the medium term, its capac

The diplomat welcomed closer ties between the two states, which is in large part due to friendship between Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko and China's President Xi Jinping. The two leaders pay much attention to projects as part of the Belt and Road initiative.

Summing up the results of 2019, Kirill Koroteyev said that the construction of the main infrastructure facilities of the first stage (on the area of 851 hectares) had been completed. “This year we will start the second stage of the park development on the total area of 860 hectares

China's General Administration of Customs in association with the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry and with participation of the Belarusian Embassy in China completed the work to grant 14 Belarusian meat plants access to the Chinese market

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