Zhejiang Shuren University has been cooperating with Belarus since 2013. Among its partners are the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the Belarusian State University, the Belarusian State Economic University, the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics

The construction of the park's engineering and transport infrastructure began five years ago. The first stage occupying 855ha is now ready for the arrival of resident companies and for the dynamic launch of projects. 26 companies in the park already make products, offer services, and focus on R&D work

The parties agreed to step up cooperation in order to promote trade, facilitate contacts between Belarusian and Chinese business people, and help arrange the exchange of business delegations and exhibitions and fairs in both countries,” the BelCCI informed

The China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone and the Swiss industrial park BUSS will cooperate in the sphere of mutual capital raising. The possibilities were discussed as Hermann Beyeler, head of the managing company of the industrial park BUSS, visited the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone

The China-Belarus youth competition of research and innovation projects is an excellent addition to activities meant to promote the startup movement in Belarus

The train consists of 41 containers. The cargo is more than 2,000 cubic meters. Products will be delivered to the Qisumu station in China. The train will travel more than 7,000 km over 14 days. “Beltamozhservice provides full logistics support in connection with China

For the first time ever two vessels carrying Belarusian potassium chloride left the Klaipeda port in Lithuania, sailed along the Northern Sea Route (across the Arctic Ocean and via the Bering Strait) to arrive in China on 5 October

The top exports included consumer goods, food industry products, woodworking industry products, and agricultural goods. The minimal delivery time is 14 days

It is important for Belarus and China to continue strengthening trade and economic ties. The statement was made during the online conference “Cooperation with China as Belarus' Business Growth Driver”

Russia remains Belarus' key partner in agribusiness. In 2019 Belarus exported $5.5 billion worth of agricultural products, with Russia's share at $4.4 billion. “But we are intent on export diversification. We are opening new countries. More products are being exported to CIS markets and remote ones,” the agriculture and food minister added

The scope of Chinese-Belarusian cooperation in various sectors has been steadily expanding, with the exchange becoming more frequent. The Chinese side welcomes achievements in the bilateral contacts

Cooperation between Belarus and China in trade, economy, military technology, science, education, and other spheres as well as within the framework of the Belt and Road initiative had reached an unprecedentedly high level.

All six Belarusian regions and the city of Minsk have established twinning relations with Chinese provinces and cities

The diplomat also expressed confidence that the new ambassador of China to Belarus would continue advancing the Chinese-Belarusian relations.

The project involves the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the Academy of Sciences of Guangdong Province, and the Foshan Institute of Industry Technology (PRC). The center will be based at the innovation center to commercialize R&D in the park.

Major items were fertilizers, chemicals, machinery and equipment, hardware goods, forestry products, paper and consumer goods. In January-August, the container shipment of Belarusian products to China has doubled to 14,000 twenty-foot containers (TEU).

The center is designed to become a comprehensive platform for nurturing startups. The center is slated to come online by the end of 2020 and to go into full operation in 2021.

The China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone is a special economic zone with a special legal regime. It is located 25km away from Minsk. Companies from 15 countries are registered in the park.

Companies affiliated with Belgospishcheprom export beetroot pulp, rapeseed oil, alcohol and confectionery to China. Thus, confectionery products go mainly to the north of China, Chinese consumers prefer products with little or no sugar

Today, the most important thing for a client is to have a full range of door-to-door services. The fewer intermediaries there are, the more interesting it is for any company to work with our products

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