In the run up to the exhibition Beijing played host to the 12th meeting of the working group on the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone under the chairmanship of Belarus' Economy Minister Dmitry Krutoi and China's Vice Minister of Commerce Yu Jianhua

Belarus continues to actively increase export of dairy products, flax fiber, various oils, flour, sugar, and confectionery to China. “This is a very promising market that needs to import goods due to a large population and limited land resources. For Belarus, China is one of the most important trade and economic partners and we plan to continue boosting export to China

The official said: “We hope we will finish all the work on the loan by the end of the year. We expect to get the loan this year.” He remarked Belarus intends to borrow ¥3.5 billion or the equivalent of roughly $500 million

The annual awards ceremony of the 9th EuropaProperty CEE Investment Awards was held in Warsaw on 24 October. Taking part in the event were more than 400 investors, developers, and professionals in the real estate industry

“Belarusian entrepreneurs have plans to launch dairy production in this free economic zone with a view to exporting dairy products to the People's Republic of China. We can scale up this kind of cooperation,” Roman Sklyar said

The companies that got permit to export to China include Santa Bremor, Barentsevo, Kamchatskaya Ryba, DG-Tsentr, Vkus Ryby Plus, Neofish, and 15 Avenue.

According to the source, the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone is now home to 55 companies. The latest declared investments stand at $1.1 billion.

Taking part in the event were also staff and students of Belarusian State Economic University, Belarusian National Technical University, and Baranovichi State University.

The China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone is a special territory as large as 112.5km2 that offers unprecedented preferences for doing business.

Valery Ivankovich, Director General of OAO Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ trademark), the managing company of the holding company BelavtoMAZ, noted that MAZ increased the usage of Weichai engines in its products while building the factory in the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone

The China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone invites foreign partners to consider the possibility of setting up subparks in the park

In the Trade Facilitation nomination international experts recognized the Great Stone industrial park as a zone promoting trade through a well-developed customs infrastructure

Weichai has experience of working in Belarus, Mikhail Myasnikovich noted. The construction of a new joint plant to produce gearboxes is underway. The corporation has already assembled thousands of engines for the Belarusian mechanical engineering industry

 According to the source, six container trains each carrying 41 containers with milk powder and milk whey have already been sent to China. A total of ten trains have been sent to China since the project began in 2018. “We are now working with Meat & Dairy Company to send the first trainload of meat to China in November,” Andrei Sladkevich said.

Belarus Minister of Antitrust Regulation and Trade Vladimir Koltovich noted that cooperation between Belarus and China is of a strategic nature. He believes that the signing of the memorandum will give a new additional impetus to the Belarusian-Chinese cooperation

 MINSK – Belarus' Ambassador to China Kirill Rudy met with Greenland Group Executive Director Zhang Yun to discuss the possibilities of boosting supplies of Belarusian agricultural products with high added value to China, and the opening of a pavilion with Belarusian goods in Shanghai.

 MINSK – A delegation of China's General Administration of Customs led by Deputy Director of Ningbo Customs Chaoyang Zhu has arrived in Belarus for an on-site inspection of Belarusian beet pulp producers

Representatives of the German private sector showed interest in the nascent cluster of automobile components in the industrial park. Projects to make supercapacitors, diesel engines, gearboxes, automobile glass, composite automobile components, land navigation devices, lidars, and other products are already being implemented in the park

The deputy minister reaffirmed the commitment of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide necessary assistance to state institutions and business entities of Guangdong Province to ensure their most effective interaction with Belarusian partners

First Deputy Chairwoman of the State Committee for Standardization Irina Osmola said that the current framework of bilateral agreements with Chinese partners help the subordinate organizations find points of common interest and develop cooperation

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