Belarus and China will look for a new model of cooperation in the area of electronic commerce. The statement was made by Aleksei Matsevilo, Head of the Central Office for Economic Integration of the Belarusian Economy Ministry, in his speech during the international seminar Belt and Road

The Chinese company carefully studied the prospects of the market with an eye on building a new enterprise in the park. The pharmaceutical company is going to start discussing cooperation plans with Belarus in detail

Wuhan-Hankou Logistics Company started buying milk and juices from Belarus in 2016 and increased import in 2017. The Belarusian dairy company Savushkin Product is the main supplier. It sends three to five railway containers to Hubei Province every mo

They will be used to check the spending of assets, progress of the harvesting campaign, and harvest transportation in Belarusian agricultural enterprises

The Belt and Road concept helped expand contacts with many foreign countries, including Belarus. China's increasing investment in Belarus will be a major contribution to the implementation of this concept

“At present we have 34 resident companies. The latest was registered on 8 May. By the end of the year their number is expected to make at least 40. In 2019 there will be not less than 55 companies, while the projected number is over 60. In general, we want this figure to reach 100 by 2020,” Head of the Administration of the Industrial Park Great Stone Alexander Yaroshenko noted

The volume of investments declared by the companies currently residing in the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone is close to $1 billion. Respectively, the arrival of new companies will only increase the figure

 “The agreement has already been drafted. It would be a very interesting and good example for Chinese sub-park projects in Great Stone. This is very promising,” Alexander Yaroshenko, Head of the Administration of the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone noted.

On the whole, Belarus is interested in switching to more vigorous investment cooperation. Projects to set up a Chinese-Belarusian investment fund are under consideration. Belarusbank will participate in it on the Belarusian side. The Chinese side will be represented by CITIC Construction. The initial investments are expected to reach $50 million

“China-Europe rail freight traffic through Belarus and the EAEU countries has been going up. Today it poses a real challenge to maritime transport. In 2017, over 2,700 container trains traveled from China to Europe via Belarus. We plan to increase this number to 5,000 a year by 2020,” Mikhail Myasnikovich remarked

“We are exploring the cooperation with the Silk Road Foundation. This is very important for us to cooperate with the financial institution that specializes in direct investment, particularly with regard to long-term joint projects,” Mikhail Myasnikovich said

“We would like to draw attention to the need for Chinese FDI in joint projects,” Mikhail Myasnikovich remarked. In his words, this is a more advanced form of cooperation than loans, which the business community should be aimed at

Guangzhou is the capital and most populous city of the province of Guangdong in southern China. Guangdong is home to China’s most successful technological clusters

The five Belarusian companies, which have been authorized to sell poultry meat to China, are Agrokombinat Dzerzhinskiy, the Vitebsk broiler poultry factory Ganna, the Zhemchuzhny-based poultry factory Druzhba, SZAO Servolux, and the broiler poultry factory in Smolevichi, Minsk Region

The new company is a joint project of Belarus' Meat-Dairy Company and China's Drex Food Group. The sides sealed a deal to establish it during the visit of Belarus' Agriculture and Food Minister Leonid Zayats to China in December 2017

It is planned that five Belarusian poultry farms, including Druzhba, Dzerzhinsky agricultural company, Servolux, and Vitebsk broiler plant will be delivering their products to China

There are now 33 resident companies from eight countries in the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone. Their number is expected to reach at least 40 by the end of the year. The core business of the resident companies includes electronics, mechanical engineering, pharmaceutics, and new materials

As of 11 April 2018, there were 31 resident companies in the industrial park with the total volume of investment pledges around $500 million. Three companies have started the construction, another ten are now conducting survey and design works

 Belarus is an important partner for China and maintained good friendly relations with China at a time when China was not such an economically powerful country

During the two-day session experts from seven countries: China, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Poland and Russia will be working in subgroups to discuss transportation, marketing, and information interaction

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